Hatched area: this is open again, and we asked that the limits be identified in signposting.

Signposting of hack rides: part of a larger project which the council is working on.

Shrub clearance: from hack ride at top of Rifle Butts Alley will be included in the winter work programme.

Parking on the downs: intended to report back to the conservators after a year of operation. Asked how it will be monitored: e.g. parking on non-event days. Management plan hasn’t been produced yet. Permission on ad hoc basis. Any concerns about use, see minutes of last conservators for conditions of permission granted.

Hack sand track: what response? it was suggested there might be an accident before something happens. I explained the engagement with the Horse Race Levy Board. The legal officer said that there was no acceptance of liability by the Levy Board, and that as nothing had been done it suggested that there was no progress.

Parking in front of the Derby Arms: the legal officer said this had not been included in the agenda for very good reason, as it had been extensively discussed and the conservators had decided to go ahead. Topics for discussion in the meeting must fall within the terms of reference. The consultative committee had no authority to call in decisions. The draft management plan will go to the officers, who will refer to the board if there are issues not covered. Matter for racecourse when to present for approval, temporary permission granted already. Decision for year as a trial period. If anything that members don’t understand please raise them. The legal officer will resend a copy of the relevant minute allowing a temporary permission.

Management of deer: concerns about deer likely to cause accidents on local roads. Officers said deer not noticed on downs, and not been raised as an issue in the past. Not seen as problem. Others had seen them.

Was there any regulation about walking horses in hand on the downs? Yes, they should be on designated rides.

Concern about firing rockets on the downs, particularly in dry weather.

Cancelled race meetings: please let the model aircraft flying club know.

Are drones included in the byelaws? yes, under model aircraft heading.

Next meetings: 18 March and 16 September 2019.