Additional hack riding area: There was provisional agreement to radically cutting back the scrub along the edge of the gallop at the bottom of Six Mile Hill, below Juniper Hill. This will reduce the rabbit population, which is the Training Grounds Management Board’s main excuse for not allowing use of the hatched area by hack riders. So next year the Board will again be invited to consider the use of a track across the hatched area.

Website for the Downs: The conservators were introduced to ‘their’ website, actually a page on the website of Epsom and Ewell Borough Council (oddly, the conservators either don’t believe in branding, or don’t actually realise they’re not part of the council). It’s quite an improvement on what was there before (not difficult), and a leaflet on hack riding is promised, to be available on-line and on-site.

Tattenham Corner crossing: The Pegasus crossing on Tattenham Corner Road cost around £60,000 (not £30,000 as stated here previously!), and is really only of value to the nearby racing stables. The conservators heard that further works to make the crossing of use to hack riders, cyclists and walkers could be pursued only if the works were put forward for funding in the Epsom and Ewell local committee, in February 2007.