Grandstand Roundabout: results of a geotechnical investigation awaited, but likely recommendation is a big new soakaway to enhance existing capacity. Detailed design would be completed shortly afterwards, but implementation will depend on financial provision in this year. The soakaway would be in close proximity to the roundabout, but details would await the design.

Buckles Gap roundabout: legal documents have been delayed as it was decided the golf club needed to join in the agreement. Again, a start would depend on financial resources, although it seemed likely to go ahead this financial year.

Byelaws: the new byelaw to control cycling had finally been confirmed by DCLG, and would come into force on 24 October 2013. The three new code of conduct signs were now in production.

Hack sand track: a representative of the Horse Race Levy Board was due to visit to discuss the board’s responsibility for maintenance of the sand track [said to arise from an undertaking given to the Parliamentary Bill Committee].

Ownership of the downs: the secretariat was asked to pursue the racecourse about the undertaking to ensure registration of title to the downs at the Land Registry, as to which a commitment had been given at the previous meeting.

Fencing approval form: It was announced that the fencing approval form had not been used this year in connection with the racecourse’s request for an extended fencing season, as it would not have provided any further information than contained in officers’ report.

Walton Road: the Racecourse said they had not progressed this issue and would not until the close of the racing season. The chairman said that she preferred the matter to be resolved by the racecourse with the county council, rather than in discussion between the parties and the hack riders’ representatives [Ed: in other words, a very clear rejection of the possibility of negotiating a compromise]. The secretariat would write to the racecourse about the delay.

Constitution: the clerk said that the working group’s proposals on amendments to the constitution had been considered by her and the chairman, but it was proposed to now meet to discuss further, and it was agreed to do so. The chairman firmly resisted a discussion on the proposals.

Dates of next meeting: 17 March and 29 September 2014.

The meeting closed before 1830, a record in brevity.