Hack sand track: the levy board has declined responsibility, referring to past correspondence with David Smith about funding for the horse walks, in which the TGMB took responsibility for future maintenance. However, we said that the horse walks were nothing to do with the hack sand track, which point was accepted. We also criticised maintenance which appeared to have ceased in recent months.

Signposting of the gallops: it was planned to replace the ‘look right’ signs on the gallops.

Use of downs for car parking for events: an update on the racecourse position will be emailed later.

Signposting of cycle routes: we asked what further action was to be taken to ensure cyclists know where they can go (and which routes are closed to them). The previous meeting had agreed that some marking was appropriate, but the chairman decided to reopen the debate about whether marking were necessary. It was thought that the code of conduct sign maps were sufficient indication. However, it was agreed to consider at the next board meeting.

Downs House: the sale process was continuing and remained subject to contract.

Vegetation along back of Rosebery Road: I questioned whether it was fair to take enforcement action against householders who had cut down vegetation at the back of their houses, where this had grown up unplanned and uncontrolled, perhaps obstructing a view which existed previously. However, the balance of opinion was in favour of enforcement.

Chalk Lane: we had a useful (if slightly irrelevant) discussion about the regulation of traffic on Chalk Lane. The chairman suggested that representations were made to the local committee.

Golf course: the golf course had withdrawn for now a proposal to clear trees around the 1st hole, but might revert to the scheme in the future.

Horse ride on south side of Downs House enclosure: we asked when the cutting back would begin — enquiries would be made.

Hack ride markers on golf course: we asked for markers to emphasise the routes along Burgh Heath Road and Grand Stand Road.

Sand track west of Nohome Farm: we asked for some attention to address the muddy section through the woods.

Dog control: there seemed to be some enthusiasm for a case being found suitable for prosecution.

East of Downs House triangle: we asked about maintenance of this area, which appeared to have ceased.

Vending on the downs: an ice cream van was regularly parked on the corner of Tattenham Corner Road and Old London Road, outside the Hyperion enclosure, which obstructed visibility at the roundabout. It was explained that the vans had to be licensed, but the vendor was at liberty to park on the highway. The point would be considered further.

Replacement of byelaw boards: was it intended to replace the byelaw boards, or were the code of conduct signs sufficient? Should the old boards therefore be removed? It was planned to present the results of a sign audit to the board.

Timing of running of Derby: a later time for the race was thought likely to attract a bigger audience. College ward residents were reported to be concerned that this would lengthen the duration of the disruption until later in the evening, particularly if the Derby were run in the evening. It was suggested that local residents should be consulted on any changes.

Dates of next meetings: 16 March and 28 September 2015.