Downskeepers have cleared and reopened the hack ride through Beech Wood, just east of the Langley Vale Road valley. It runs through the woods below the ‘racehorses only’ ride which runs south-west to feed into the start of the fibresand track.
To find it, head south-west along the valley track from Walton Road, running parallel to Langley Vale Road. At the junction where the ‘racehorses only’ track bears left, and the main track continues down the valley, go slightly left between the two, and pick up a well-defined track through the woods, which emerges opposite the start of the fibresand track.

This track can be used all day, but if you want to stay on the downs and it’s before noon, you can either go along the south side of the fibresand track, turn right by the old police horse crossing, down to Roseberry Road (opposite Harding Road), and continue along Roseberry Road (the continuation beyond the police horse crossing is an afternoon ride). Or you can bear right opposite the start of the fibresand track, and bear right again to pick up the valley track back up to Walton Road.

Our thanks to the downskeepers for restoring to use this rather quiet and pleasant path through the woods.